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Books & More

Scroll down for webpages on Linda's books and many other topics.

Where in the World Is Linda M. Hasselstrom?

Learn where Linda will be giving talks, workshops and booksignings this year.
Read about the magazines and journals-- paper and electronic-- that include work by or about Linda.

Linda's Non-Fiction Books

Read Linda's stories from her early ranch days, through her move to the city, and back home to the ranch:
Windbreak --- Going Over East --- Land Circle --- Feels Like Far --- Between Grass and Sky --- No Place Like Home --- Gathering from the Grassland

Linda's Most Recent Nonfiction! When Hot Springs Was a Pup -- By Badger Clark (edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom and Peggy Sanders; published 2021) and Write Now, Here's How (published 2020)

The Wheel of the Year: A Writer's Workbook Linda's book about writing and living mindfully through eight seasons of the year

The coffee-table Bison book with glorious photos
Roadside History of South Dakota
and Journal of a Mountain Man, edited by Linda

For Linda's poetry books, please see the Poetry Page in the link just below.

The Poetry Page

Information about Linda's books of poetry:


NEW! Walking: the Changes (published 2023, Lame Johnny Press)


Dakota Bones --- Bitter Creek Junction --- Dirt Songs --- When a Poet Dies --- Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky

Other Odds and Ends:
Poems and their stories; essays about poetry and operating a letter-press; links to audio-clips.

The Wind Anthologies

Leaning into the Wind --- Woven on the Wind --- Crazy Woman Creek
Three anthologies of true stories and poems by contemporary western women.
Edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Nancy Curtis, and Gaydell Collier.

Books That Include Work By or About Linda

Here is a list of various anthologies in which essays or poems by Linda appear. In some cases these are original pieces by Linda that are not included in her own books. This page also has information on books that include material about or interviews with Linda.

Magazines, Journals and Websites That Include Work By and About Linda

A list of periodicals and websites with stories, essays, and poems BY Linda. And a list of articles ABOUT Linda, both in print and online.

Purchase Books from Linda

Here's how to purchase a book-- with an autographed bookplate-- directly from Linda.

This page includes information about buying locally vs online, and warns you of a free-download scam.

Linda's Biography

Read the story-filled L-O-N-G biography with its many family photos, or read the bare-bones chronology to get an idea of how Linda's life and work fit into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We include some suggested reading to learn more about Linda.

Linda's Memberships, Awards and Honors

Description of some of the organizations Linda has joined, and information about awards she has received.

Linda Online

Links to other websites where you can find All Things Linda --- including Linda's poems in print or read aloud, reviews of her books, and articles about Linda.

Windbreak House Writing Retreats

Some history of the Writing Retreats Linda offered from 1996 to 2020.

Read what others have written about the writing retreats. Learn about some retreat participants. See photos.

Note that residential Writing Retreats and Online Writing Conversations are no longer being conducted by Linda at this time.

Homestead House

If you come for a retreat, here's where you'll stay.
Read the history of the house; Take a photo-tour of the House and surroundings.

Writing Conversations by eMail

Why were they called Writing Conversations? This page explains Linda's philosophy on working with writers through e-mail.
A few Handout excerpts are presented to whet your appetite for writing instruction.

Note that residential Writing Retreats and Online Writing Conversations are no longer being conducted by Linda at this time.

Home Page Essay Archives

Read that "Message from Linda" that was posted on the Home Page a few years ago but has stayed with you.
Many of these essays have writing advice. All have photos, some have recipes, a few have poems.

The Gallimaufry Page

A jumble of essays, poems, stories and photos that don't fit elsewhere in this website. Enjoy!

The Claude A. Barr Memorial Great Plains Garden

Linda's ranch hosts a botanic garden dedicated to preserving and displaying plants of the Great Plains.
Learn more about the Garden and some of the plants found on Linda's ranch.

Bird & Wildlife Habitat Improvement at Linda's Ranch

Linda worked with the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory to improve bird habitat on her ranch.
Lists of birds and wildlife seen at the ranch may be found here.
Critter Stories -- the stories about the birds and wildlife seen on the ranch have been moved to their own page. Click here to go to the Critter Stories Page.

Critter Stories

Stories about birds and wildlife at the ranch. Photos!
Critter Stories were moved to this dedicated page because they outgrew the Bird & Wildlife Habitat Improvement page.

Dog Stories

News and stories about the various dogs at Windbreak House.
Non-doggy people are excused from reading this.

Cat Stories

Of course we can't neglect the kitties!
This page has stories of cats of the past, including a couple ghost-cat stories, and tells the story of the stray cat at the ranch.

Horse and Cow Stories

Linda is a cattle rancher at heart.
Read brief book excerpts and original essays about Linda's favorite horse Rebel, Winston the friendly bull, and others.

Rendezvous, Muzzle Loading, and Black Powder

Linda and her husband George (now deceased) used to participate in mountain man re-enactment camping. This page has a list of Linda's books that have stories about Rendezvous camps, a buffalo hunt, and a horse-pack trip. View photos including a photo-story on the life of Linda and George's tipi.

This page includes information about the book Journal of a Mountain Man by James Clyman and an essay by Linda about editing the book.

Iowa State University

Information about Linda's work with Iowa State University's MFA Program in Creative Writing and the Environment.
See photos of the students' annual field trips to Linda's ranch.

Lame Johnny Press and Sunday Clothes

Learn about Linda's Lame Johnny Press publishing house, founded in 1971, which she has revived in 2020.
Includes information about, and some cover photos of, Sunday Clothes, an arts magazine published in the 1970s.

Study Guides for Linda's Books

Formal Study Guides for some of Linda's books are posted here.
Also posted are links to where you can find further information about some of her books: questions and answers, stories about the book covers, essays on writing the books, and a book index so you can look up key words.


All About the Book
Windbreak: Journal of a Ranch Year -- published 1987
Linda answers some questions about this book and its cover. An original essay about writing this book is included.

Index of Windbreak

Want to find that particular story about Rebel the horse? Or Linda's description of her father? Look here to find the page number.

Going Over East

All About the Book
Going Over East: Reflections of a Woman Rancher -- published 1987, reprinted edition with new cover and new epilogue published 2001.
Nonfiction. Comments on cattle ranching, roses without thorns, homesteading the future, predators driving pickups, and more.

Land Circle

All About the Book
Land Circle: Writings Collected from the Land -- published 1991; re-published in an "Anniversary Edition" in 2008 with a new cover and new material.
Learn about Red Wing boots, rock-mulching juniper trees, Readers Digest excerpts, and more.

Dakota Bones

All About the Book
Dakota Bones: The Collected Poems of Linda Hasselstrom -- published 1993
Poetry; contains the complete texts of Linda's earlier work, Caught by One Wing (1984) and Roadkill (1987), both out of print, plus about 30 pages of new poems.

Roadside History of South Dakota

All About the Book --- Corrections to the Text and More
Roadside History of South Dakota -- published 1994
An index of corrections to the text and an essay by Linda about writing this book as well as why these corrections have never been made to the reprinted editions of the book.

Note: This book contains an index within the text so no index is posted on this website.

Bison: Monarch of the Plains

All About the Book
Bison: Monarch of the Plains -- published 1998
A large "coffee table" book; text by Linda M. Hasselstrom; photography by David Fitzgerald.

Note: This book contains an index within the text so no index is posted on this website.

Feels Like Far

All About the Book
Feels Like Far: A Rancher's Life on the Great Plains -- published 1999
Includes a synopsis and table of contents. Linda answers questions about the book.

Bitter Creek Junction

All About the Book
Bitter Creek Junction -- published 2000 in paper, as a limited edition hard cover, and as an audiobook (cassette and cd).
Part of the "Poetry of the American West" series by High Plains Press.

Leaning Into The Wind

All About the Book -- Book 1 of the Wind Anthologies
Leaning Into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West -- published 1997
Collected stories and poems by many western women; edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Nancy Curtis and Gaydell Collier

Woven on the Wind

All About the Book -- Book 2 of the Wind Anthologies
Woven on the Wind: Women Write about Friendship in the Sagebrush West -- published 2001
Collected stories and poems by many western women; edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Nancy Curtis and Gaydell Collier

Crazy Woman Creek

All About the Book -- Book 3 of the Wind Anthologies
Crazy Woman Creek: Women Rewrite the American West -- published 2004
Collected stories and poems by many western women; edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Nancy Curtis and Gaydell Collier.

Between Grass and Sky

All About the Book
Between Grass and Sky: Where I live and Work -- published 2002
Nonfiction. Populated by owls, horses, mice, snakes, buffalo, rattlesnakes, and cows.

No Place Like Home

All About the Book
No Place Like Home: Notes from a Western Life -- published 2009
In this award-winning book, Linda ponders the changing nature of community in the modern West.
Linda offers some stories about the writing of the book, answers some questions, and gives information about a poem/painting collaboration. This page also includes some reviews from professionals and comments from readers.


Dirt Songs

All About the Book
Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet -- published 2011
Poetry; co-authored by Linda M. Hasselstrom and Twyla M. Hansen. 50 poems by each author.

The Wheel of the Year

All About the Book
The Wheel of the Year: A Writer's Workbook -- published September, 2015
Nonfiction. 16 essays linking ordinary writing with the seasons of the natural world and the chores of daily life. Writing suggestions are aimed toward guiding writers to topics that will challenge them to achieve their writing goals, so they can conduct their own writing retreats at home for two full years. Includes information on additional writing resources.

Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky

All About the Book
Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky --- New and Collected Poems of Linda Hasselstrom

(2017, Spoon River Poetry Press)
Poetry; contains the complete texts of Linda's earlier work, Dakota Bones (1993), plus about 50 new poems.

Gathering from the Grassland

All About the Book
Gathering from the Grassland: A Plains Journal

(2017, High Plains Press)
A diary of a year on Linda's ranch, and spiritual sequel to her first published book, the 1987 Windbreak: A Woman Rancher on the Northern Plains.


Write Now, Here's How

All About the Book

Write Now, Here's How - Insights from Six Decades of Writing

(2020, Lame Johnny Press)

40 essays on writing to encourage, challenge, and inspire other writers.

Planting Peas

This poem has a long publication history, beginning in the 1980s.

In 2018 Educational Testing Services asked permission to use the poem in their K-12 materials.

When Hot Springs Was a Pup --- by Badger Clark

All About the Book

(2021, Lame Johnny Press)

A history of Hot Springs, written by poet Badger Clark, first published in 1927.

This 4th edition was edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom and Peggy Sanders, and includes many historic photos and other additional material.

Walking: the Changes

All About the Book

(2023, Lame Johnny Press)

Poetry by Linda M. Hasselstrom and photographs by James W. Parker.